Year In Review: 2021

Unless you care much about how someone else’s life is going – particularly when it’s going well – then there mightn’t be much in this article for you. Even the worst of 2021 – COVID cancellations – wasn’t bad in the scheme of things. In fact, this article isn’t likely to contain any life changing revelations or epiphanies at all. It’s only purpose may be box ticking, personal gratitude, and end of year accountability. And if that’s what fills your cup right now, read on.

2021 follows 2020 as one of the best years of my life. It saw my first full year of marriage to an incredible, supportive human. I toured the solo piano show that I developed in 2020 to critical acclaim. I found the will to talk about difficult things that matter to me – issues in music, social justice, mental health – and have been blessed with more positive feedback than negative. I invested in my mental, emotional, physical, and professional wellbeing, as well as my community, and saw dividends. The only thing I’ve to fear of late is running out of luck.

I say that only half jokingly. Not superstitious, but after catching some tough breaks, people have often told me that I’m due for a string of luck to balance it out. Since experiencing more luck than I could ever have dreamed these past couple years, the fear that now creeps up on me is that my luck is nearly cashed in.

NYE was last night in the Pacific, and although my gig was canceled (my heart and pocketbook both sad), I had an impromptu date night with Micky. It took me a minute to settle my brain so that I could enjoy it. Like many people, the value I ascribe to myself is erroneously tied to my productivity, and I had to stifle the nagging urge to tick boxes with the sudden free time. Once I did, I had the most beautiful night in; dinner, conversation, candles, cuddles, bath. It was nice to bring in the new year by affirming the moment rather than reaching backward or forward to a different time and place. As I had this thought, it also occurred to me (a revelation!?) what a privilege it is to have a here and now worth living in. Past me didn’t. So many people don’t. Some never have, and never might, for reasons; none of them fair. This in mind, I try and will continue never to look a gift horse in the mouth, save to discover where they came from and whether they can be equitably employed in future.

This is my New Years wish; that when your gift horse arrives in 2022, you recognize them. Don’t look them in the mouth. Do employ them for the benefit of yourself and others; particularly those for whom gift horses may be rare (all the better to be done without judging the reasons why). And when you get a moment worth savoring, savor it.

Maggie Cocco Music 2021 In Review:

Music Festivals (5), including Bay of Islands Music Festival, Fringe Festivals

Best Music Performance Award, Auckland Fringe Festival

Fan Highlight Reels (3)

Collaborations (5)

Concert fundraisers for mental health, cancer (5)

My Life with PTSD (and why I probably haven’t told you) Part I & Part II

Livestreams (4)

LIKE A MOTH: Post Tour Art Exhibit

47 shows across 21 venues

Plus compositions (8), magazine reviews (7), blogs (19), lockdowns (2), Workshops (5), Youth Camps (2), moves (1), tech overhaul (1), + more…

Special thanks to my patrons who kept me financially afloat this year, especially during lockdowns and when the work that needed my attention was important but not lucrative.

This year’s rendition of Auld Lang Syne

All my love and bandwidth,

Musically yours,


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