With a Girl Like You Cover (Troggs)

We really hammed it up this week for Cover in a Week’s “With a Girl Like You” Challenge. The challenge, for those who don’t know, is to take the assigned song and remake it in an interesting way without much changing the lyrics or melody. Guys…there’s really not much else to the original Troggs tune, which, while popular in it’s day, is bafflingly dull! So this really was a challenge that we approached with a “the doctor is in” mentality. After we learned the track as is, we tried a couple different approaches in search of something that would lend the song some interest. Adding harmony was 80% of the fix. We tried the song in minor – cool, but it was incongruent with the lyrics in a contrived way. We tried alternating between minor in the verses and major on the hook – that was a fun experiment, but same problem. We had two hours total to plan and execute, so some of the more elaborate ideas could be nixed without much thought. Finally, I decided that instead of simply harmonizing all the way through, we could do this as a duet with equally active participants. Instead of having the boy solely pining for the girl throughout, we could assign lyrics to the girl in a way that was earnestly encouraging of his efforts. Add a couple of period-esq outfits, and voila! Adorable-ness ensued 😇

Boy: I wanna spend my life with a girl like you…and do all the things that you want me to…

Girl: Till that time has come that we might live as one, can I dance with you?

Girl: I can tell by the way you dress that you’re so refined…and by the way you talk that you’re just my kind…

Boy: Girl why should it be that you don’t notice me? 

Both: Can I dance with you?…Baby baby, is there no chance I can take you for the last dance? All night long, yeah, I’ve been waiting. Now there’ll be no hesitating! So, before this dance has reached the end…to you across the floor my love i’ll send…I just hope and pray that i’ll find a way to say, “can I dance with you!?”…

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