What’s Next!?


I’m ready to tackle 2020! Are you? Here’s a bit of what to expect from Science for Sociopaths in the coming year! 

International Opportunities:

  • Good news! We’re being courted for a follow up tour opening for Billy TK Jnr, so expect more original music and performances of the blues rock variety in 2020! Not sure when or where the tour might take us yet, but it looks like Australia and/or Europe!
  • We made some good connections on our last tour to NZ, and we’ve an invitation to a writer’s retreat. Expect that we will be writing new music, playing as many shows as can be booked with our Kiwi musician friends, and – with any luck – doing some recording out there! Not naming names, but we’re in negotiation with an AmaZiNg NZ based music producer/engineer to do some shit in 2020! Fingers crossed!


  • Upping my jazz game is a personal goal for 2020. To these ends, studying jazz standards, scat, and applying this knowledge to composing new original music, creating jazz arrangements of old original music (with the help of SF based jazz pianist, Helen Orzel!), and performing a combination thereof in and around the Bay area.
  • Electro-pop is is not a genre that I am qualified to tackle on my own, but with the help of talented electro-pop musicians based in Detroit, LA, and SF, we’re lending our talents to the creation of new music that will be more than the sum of it’s parts! 
  • Soulful Rock. The genre with which I most identify as a solo artist. The end of 2019 brought a surge of creative energy, and it didn’t go to waste. I have four new original songs in this vein. I haven’t decided how best to go about producing this new music, but when I do it’s sure to be raw, unadulterated me at my musical best <3


  • Streaming! Gotta get our numbers up by submitting to playlists on platforms like spotify, youtube, etc. You can help by letting me know if there’s a playlist or platform that you’d like to see SfS on, liking, and sharing!
  • Performer Goals: Let’s be more than talented. I want to be undeniably skilled! A musician’s musician, as they say. One day at a time #practice
  • Licensing: Placements in film and television! From what I can tell, it’s more who you know than anything. These international tours, gigs, and coffee dates seem to be my best bet for meeting people who can help us. Gotta keep pushing! We’re continuing to submit to songwriting competitions with encouraging feedback, but limited tangible results. Such routes are expensive and have no guarantees. I’m applying to competitions I have (possibly misguided) confidence in, but betting on the networks I’m building.
  • Writing: I’m happy with how and what I’m writing. Working on facilitating conditions under which I can do more of it! 
  • Community. I’ve come to believe that community is everything. I need multiple communities to live my best life – musicians, fans, family and friends. The aim is to build and refine these communities to best serve everyone in 2020 and beyond. 

What would you like to see from SfS in 2020, and what are some of YOUR goals? I want to start this year feeling connected to you, so share them with me and the SfS community by commenting below! 

Musically yours,


p.s. The videos for “Mother Dearest” and “Sleep” that we commissioned are finally here! Stay tuned for those (I will share them here before I share with the general public), and the final word on the Unnamed Album. Spoiler Alert! It now has a name!!!!!

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