We’re doing the thing!

Can I just take a moment to be grateful? I’m still hungry, but my heart is so full! Let’s just take quick stock of all that we’ve accomplished together in this first half of 2018.

We’ve published 16 covers, 15 original compositions, and 21 blogs. We’ve collaborated with artists from Detroit to Nashville. We’ve been featured on radio across the country and hit a personal milestone when we were featured on two radio stations that I grew up listening to – WRIF and NPR. We’ve developed relationships with fans around the world. We’ve played shows, inspired artwork, and managed all the business-y stuff beside. We’ve launched a patreon page through which we’ve grown a steady income stream to support these endeavors. Most importantly, we’ve been true to ourselves.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and already our hard work is yielding ever more exciting opportunities like summer shows, remixes, an all new, yet un-named album (late 2018), and perhaps most exciting of all – a mini-tour in the Emerald Isle (Sept 2018)!

I couldn’t be more pleased with all that we’ve accomplished in recent months, and I have many people to thank! I’d like to take an opportunity to thank all of the patrons, musicians, sound engineers, artists,  fans, and contributors to the success of this project. You make my life.

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