Wales v New Zealand Women’s Rugby World Cup Half Time Show feat Maggie Cocco Music

A bao bun, some chippies, a waltz around the arena, and it’s dusk. New Zealand has an insurmountable lead over Wales at half time. The crowd has doubled to an impressive 16,500+ and the happy carnival-like atmosphere has intensified. I am calm. It’s just a gig. This is what I was born for. I’ve never played for this many people at once, but cumulatively I’m sure I’ve played for at least this many. I’m mostly excited to know if I’m on the big screen (I am!), if you can hear me through the stadium (you can – yay Claudio on sound 🙌), and if it’s being streamed on television (not to my knowledge..).

It feels right to be performing these songs. A bit of Motown to represent me and a dependable theme to represent rugby. I hope very much that people are singing along but I can’t tell from the stage. A bit of stage fright creeps in just as I come to the transition from Ain’t No Mountain to Stand By Me. I think, “what if I just stop here? Cadence and bow out before I make any mistakes…” but that would also be a mistake, so…

As soon as the first chord of the second song rings I know I’m fine. I’ve sung this a million times. All that’s left to do is enjoy. I take in the blue of the twilight, the buzz of the crowd, the curiousness of my own voice echoing back to me from across the expanse of bodies and bright lights. Then it’s over. I bounce off stage to a beaming husband and a crowd of giggly teenage fans. Claudio is smiling too, which is always a good sign. I manage to skip the post show worry this time and lean into the high. 

Musically yours,


ps. I am trying to get the official video as streamed to the big screens if possible. If so, you’ll be the first to know!

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