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A five minute read’s worth of highly condensed, little filtered perceptions and intentions. The exercise of summing yourself up for public consumption is a whole thing, and then to see what is essentially you on paper…the cocktail of emotions is stomach churning. 

I had the challenge and opportunity of synthesizing my career, outlook, projects, and story for VoyageMichigan Magazine. I’d done an interview with Voyage on behalf of Girls Rock Detroit, and was subsequently asked if I’d do a feature on myself. What went to print (with my permission) is the full word-for-word interview above. My thoughts about it haven’t settled yet, but I’d love to know yours!

Cheers and thanks to George Montrelle and Olivia Van Goor who recommended me and GRD to be featured 🙏 Featured photos by Nicole Mallory, Micky Nogher, Dontae Rockymore, Lisa Joan, Olivia Garelja, Anna Terwiel, and Creative Northland

Reminder: Final sneak peek of new Science for Sociopaths will be online at Quaranpalooza on September 24th. Proceeds benefit Bay Area Cancer Connections

Upcoming Events:

September 22nd – Ins and Outs of the Music Business (Workshop)

September 24th – The Old Packhouse Markets

September 24th – Quaranpalooza (Further Sneak Peek at new Science for Sociopaths)

September 25th – GRD Book Club: The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls

September 30th/October 1st – What the Folk, Whangarei!? (Mini Folk Festival)

October 8th – Bowie Bowie, Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland (David Bowie Tribute)

October 13th-14th – Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths at Whangarei Fringe *New Song Cycle Premiere*

October 14th-15th – Art N Tartan

Recent Events, Blogs, Videos, Editorials, Recordings:

‘Becoming’ – New Song Cycle Sneak Peek from Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths 

Making Sense (and Art) of Social Media

The Maggie Cocco Band – Acoustic at Diablos Caravan

Mid Recording at Anzac Road: LIKE A MOTH

Black Music History (Workshop)

GRD Book Club: David Bowie Made Me Gay

Creative Civic Engagement (Workshop)

GRD Book Club: Dreaming Disability Justice

Maggie Cocco Music and Creative Calvary Present “I See You”

What is “real time” and why is it important?

All possible events are live streamed, filmed, or otherwise documented. Email for access to past shows or workshops. Check Patreon for full content and follow Maggie Cocco Music projects on social media for daily updates.

SPONSOR NEEDED: Joey has been a Maggie Cocco Music student for 4 years! Joey has been curating two community talent shows each year for the past five years in his home town of Burlingame, California. Even the mayor attends! Joey and his cohorts are differently abled and have access to limited funds for mentorship. Joey will be starting University this year, and expects that this December’s will be his last production. As such, he hopes to finish big! Joey is seeking extra tuition for help fine tuning the production and assistance writing his own song for the finale. Subsidizing Tony costs $15/week.

Thank you and WELCOME to new patron Kendra ✨

Maggie Cocco Music services are Pay What You Can so that persons who mightn’t otherwise be able to afford them have access to quality music education and services. Thank you for supporting Maggie Cocco Music in this mission 🤍

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