Unauthorized Duet with Anna Coddington: “Purea Nei”

For the past year my only goal with the Giant Drop In Choir Whangarei has been to keep it ticking over until it’s beloved choir director Zoe returns from a year’s sabbatical in UK. Before she left I studied her methods and repertoire with the intent of keeping things as “business as usual” so that Zoe wouldn’t return to find the choir unrecognizable, or worse…decimated. I don’t think channeling others has ever been my strong suit. My own personality, interests, and style kept peaking through, and I’ve lost some choir members and gained new ones. Strive as I might not to affect or become too attached to a program that isn’t mine, I’ve grown quite fond of this community and the time I spend researching and arranging songs for it. So when Zoe reached out to say the good news – she’s fallen in love! – the bad news – she’ll be basing herself in the UK for now, well! My heart swelled immensely for Zoe and even a little bit for myself!

I’m excited to say that the Giant Drop In Choir community space is now my responsibility to foster, develop, and explore with the help of an incredibly passionate and skilled cohort of local choir directors whose support will allow me to balance this directorship with the demands of my other projects. I’ve come to love everything about this space and the community it has brought me closer to. I’m epsecially leaning into learning more repertoire, particularly rounds and waiata – suggestions welcome! In my research for the choir this week, I found a beautiful recording of popular waiata, “Purea Nei”, performed by famed New Zealand singer-songwriter, Anna Coddington. I was playing with harmonies and capturing them on my phone when as I listened back I felt overcome with gratitude. This time. This place. These people. This music.

This is Purea Nei as interpreted by Anna Coddington with me in harmony and sounds of the kitchen by Micky Nogher.

Purea Nei

Purea nei e te hau
Horoia e te ua
Whitiwhitia e te ra
Mahea ake nga p?raruraru
Makere ana nga here.

E rere wairua, e rere
Ki nga ao o te rangi
Whitiwhitia e te ra
Mahea ake nga poraruraru
Makere ana nga here,
Makere ana nga here.

English translation:

Cleansed by the wind
washed by the rain
and warmed by the sun,
all troubles are cleared away
and all restraints got rid of.

Fly o free spirit, fly
to the clouds in the heavens,
warmed by the sun,
with all troubles cleared away
all restraints got rid of,
all restrictions cast aside.

Anna Coddington “Purea Nei” Original Video – watch it! Give Anna Coddington the streaming revenue!

To Zoe – All my love and gratitude for your mentorship while our paths crossed. Congratulations on your new love!!!


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