The Maggie Cocco Band at Fritter Festival LIVESTREAM

Summer sun!!!! We’ve been doing our darndest to get as much of it as possible since we got back to the southern hemisphere. Saturday was perfect for an outdoor festival. Even with all my sunscreening I got a wee bit of sunburn. These are the things that make it okay when the colder weather comes. 

It’s fun to play venues like Semenoff Stadium. I suppose it’s our biggest possible hometown show! Everything from the marketing budget to the catering is grander than the typical gig. I’m starting to know the staff and crew from doing prior events. It feels good to rock in and be at ease with the people and the space. I’m not integrated enough to rub elbows with the kiwi rock stars in the VIP green room yet, but that’ll come. In the meantime, Fritter is my favorite kind of festival – music and food! I’m thankful that my early set means that I can unwind and just enjoy the rest of the fest. The unofficial after party at The Jovial Judge Tavern went off when me and some of the boys from JTB stop by to sit in with the band. I know most of them well. It’s one of those rare days where the fun of it all stays at the forefront of my mind and I can’t believe this is what I do for work. 

I did some minor tweaks to the Maggie Cocco Band set for the show. “Journey From Eden” got a tempo hike and funky jazz leanto that suited the festival atmosphere, and I added my own rather dramatic arrangement of Dolly Parton’s Jolene to end.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their current season and ready for the next when it comes 💕

Musically yours,


Upcoming Events:

March 11th NZST Giant Drop In Choir at ONEONESIX, Whangarei

March 17th NZST Love Songs, Rebel Songs & Classics of Ireland at The  Judge and The Butter Factory, Whangarei

March 18th NZST Giant Drop In Choir at ONEONESIX, Whangarei

March 23rd NZST The Auckland Blues Music Club 20th Anniversary Fundraising Concert in support of Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust, Remuera

March 23rd Private Event, The San Detroit Band

March 24th NZST Giant Drop In Choir at ONEONESIX, Whangarei


April 5th NZST Jon Toogood with Maggie Cocco at The Butter Factory Whangarei

April 6th NZST Jon Toogood with Maggie Cocco at Mangawhai Tavern Mangawhai


We’re raising funds to create music videos for Like A Moth. We’ll be working once again with international one-take videographer Cadby Kong. Our first planning meeting was so inspiring! At the moment we have the recording locations and concepts roughly planned out. We’re looking at a budget of $7000-$10,000 for 10 music videos which we will be recording in two days, two locations, with a team of 4-5 people. This is an ambitious approach, but with proper planning we feel like it’s not only possible, but possibly brilliant! And in thorough keeping with the rest of the project. Reach out to donate, learn more, or simply stay tuned for more details!


Tony has a strong baritone and natural musicianship. He has studied piano for many years and is learning to sing like his father and grandfather before him. Tony is differently abled and has limited funds. Tony studies with Maggie Cocco Music for two hours each week. His goal is to sing with the bands at the local music clubs, but also to sing for fun and his health. Subsidizing Tony costs $60/week.

Bryce is a graduate student who studies full time and works part time. Funds are tight, but music is his hobby and he pursues it with a studious passion! Subsidizing Bryce costs $20/month. 

Ciara is in gradeschool and has a beautiful voice! She is involved in community choirs and other free groups, but especially enjoys the one on one attention of private lessons. Subsidizing Ciara costs $160/month. 

Finances should not be a barrier to living your best life! Maggie Cocco Music services are Pay What You Can so that persons who mightn’t otherwise be able to afford them have access to quality music education and services. Support Maggie Cocco Music in this mission by giving a one-time gift (Zelle or PayPal to or becoming a sustainer on Patreon 🤍

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