Thanksgiving with Maggie Cocco Music

Maggie Cocco & Matt Shepherd at Roost, Thanksgiving 2022

I’ve been enjoying curating setlists for special events lately. When Roost (an American inspired restaurant in NZ) asked me to play “authentic American Thanksgiving music” for their first annual Thanksgiving dinner, I had to give it a think. As my fellow Americans know, there isn’t really a tried and true secular Thanksgiving canon like there is for other holidays. Gratitude, however, surely has a diverse and global canon, if never thought of as such. While the origins of Thanksgiving and its worthiness as a holiday in that regard are rightly debated, the sentiment of time devoted to gratitude (as it is broadly perceived) has ever broadening appeal. I determined therefore to give American songs of thanks to my Kiwi hosts. 

My personal meditation on thanks will come after this current whirlwind is passed. For now, I am grateful for my self – that is to say, my body, my goodness, my wherewithal, my softness, and my persistence – and my communities for all they are and everything they mean to me. If you’re reading this, that includes you. Thank you.

Wherever you are in the world, if you’re up tune in to our Thanksgiving Livestream tonight from 8pm NZST at Botticelli.

Musically yours, 


Upcoming Events: 

November 24th/25th – Songs of Thanks at Botticelli’s Livestream 

November 27th – GRD Book Club Popup Discussion: A sonic Geography of Voice – Towards and affective politics (Online event, all welcome!)

December 3rd – Bowie Bowie at Leigh’s Sawmill 

December 4th – Bill Angus and The Mighty Ways at Leigh’s Sawmill 

December 16th – The San Detroit Band at Tide 

December 17th – Chaos, Lament, Wail 

December 22nd – Bill Angus and The Mighty Ways at The Common Room, Hastings 

December 23rd – Bill Angus and The Mighty Ways at Cabana Club, Napier 

December 31st – Bowie Bowie at The Secret Garden 

Popup TBA – Piano and Spray Paint feat Maggie Cocco and Josh Kiwikiwi

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November 13th – Songwriter Showcase

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All possible events are live streamed, filmed, or otherwise documented. Check Patreon for full content and follow Maggie Cocco Music projects on social media for daily updates.

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