Tell me what you want, what you really really want

Hey Socials et al,

We’ve grown a whole lot as a community recently! I’m wondering now if there are any changes to how often you’d like to receive content and what content you’re most enjoying. What do YOU want to see from Maggie Cocco Music projects?  

Respond to the poll and let me know your thoughts with a comment below ⬇️


1. Original music 

2. Live videos

3. Livestreams

4. Music Videos

5. Lyric Videos

6. Covers

7. Blogs & Editorials (Music Education, Social Justice)

8. Music Reviews

9. Book Club, Book Reviews

10. Workshops

11. Behind the Scenes (drafts, in progress)

12. Personal (Things other than music: my favorite recipes, etc)

13. Polls

Musically yours,


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