Streaming to you live from Detroit

Hey all! So far so good on the Analog tour! We’ve done 4 shows in San Francisco, mastered thee album, ate our weight in food in Nashville, and have landed in Michigan. After a couple days of family time we popped into Aretha’s Jazz Cafe last and did a wee set as a surprise guest at Singers In The Round. Listen to some of Detroit’s upcoming and established singer-songwriters, or just fast forward to 56:50 for my set. Bonus Micky appearance!

Tomorrow night I’ll perform on 11 Mile Sessions Live with Scott Boatright. Tune in here at 3pm PST/6pm EST/ 12pm NZST.

Next Wednesday tune in to the Bold Leap Podcast as I talk about the new album and my journey from Michigan to New Zealand and back.

Hope everyone’s having an excellent run into the holidays! I know we are 💕 Tune in to social media for the daily updates!

Musically yours,


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