Strangely Arousing Show Review by Maggie Cocco Music

Writing show reviews forces me to put my thoughts and perspective into words. It’s a good exercise and introduces me to projects I might never have otherwise seen – often leading me down a rabbit hole of influences. This is especially interesting to me as an observer of a foreign music scene writing for an audience overseas. I often wonder what I’m seeing that maybe the locals aren’t seeing, or what I’m not seeing that they are.

There were many projects on this lineup, and therefore many things I hadn’t the space to communicate about this show. I laboured first over what to leave out, then how to balance the content and flow of the article like a song. As an artist myself, I also think about what the artist may wish for the article to accomplish for them. And then of course there’s the truth; to report what went wrong, what missed the mark, or not? Is glossing over the boo-boos disingenuous reporting? Fortunately I haven’t had to negotiate this particular conundrum much.

As much pleasure as I derive from simply writing a good piece, the biggest reward comes as appreciation from the artists’ themselves. I feel purposeful in supporting fellow artists in this way. This write-up features Strangely Arousing – progressive reggae ska – The RVMES – indie rock – Sonar.Suite – RnB/Funk/Pop – DJ Patsy Skeet – House funk remixes – DJ DOLLA (NZ) – drum & bass. Some fun & funky rabbit holes to go down with this group 🐰 Featuring photos by Micky Nogher.

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