Somebody That I Used To Know Cover (Post Modern Jukebox)

Hey socials! This week’s release doubles as an audition for Postmodern Jukebox! Please like and share this video! Let Postmodern Jukebox know that you heart me <3

Also, this would be my first time posting a song for which I sing with a track as opposed to accompanying myself or playing with other musicians. While I would prefer to play with a live accompaniment at any opportunity, the option to sing with pre-recorded accompaniments could open up a whole new realm of possibilities. How do you feel about it? 

In other news, I’m getting excited for Ireland next week and moving to San Francisco the week after that! So many new things are on the horizon! Side note: during the move and while I’m establishing myself in SF, the income I receive through your pledge to support this music will be INVALUABLE! Thanks SO MUCH for being a part of this! If you know of anyone who may enjoy supporting me as an independent musician, please consider sharing this and other Science for Sociopaths videos along with a bit of information about just how far a dollar can go with Science for Sociopaths! (Up to 48 songs/year, half originals, half the covers you choose! Be a part of something beautiful <3)

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