Saint Andrews in Review + Update

Hey Socials! I’m so glad to see you all enjoying and sharing “Where I Belong”! It was so great to see many of you at Saint Andrews in person and via the livestream for the RAW release event! 

The official video from RAW is still forthcoming, but the official photos by Detroit-based photographer (and fellow Social) Nicole Mallory are ready for viewing at the link above! Nicole volunteered her talents, and she did SO amazing! We’re super grateful for her, thank you, Nicole!

Up next, the second song from the unnamed album is due to be released on March 22nd! Taylor is working hard on the first art drafts for the video, and I’m working hard on tayloring a survey by which I mean to identify what you’ve been enjoying so far and what we can do to continually improve this creative experience for everyone. 

To staying in tune!


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