QuaranPalooza – Online International Music Festival

We’re wrapping up the monthly multi-genre, international online music festival that is QuaranPalooza. Tickets are $15 and proceeds benefit Bay Area Cancer Connections. Turn on the tunes and support another good cause! If you’re listening during the day on Sat or Sunday, I recommend making it the soundtrack to your weekend cook n’ clean! If later in the evening, dark chocolate and a glass of organic red wine (because I’m recently allergic to the preservatives in non-organic 😫  – anyone who can recommend a good bottle of organic red I promise to split one with!) 🍫🍷😋

Remember to check your time zone against the listing! We’re on at 2:30PM AEST, 4:30PM NZST, 9:30PM PST, 12:30AM (Sunday) EST. And try tuning for a few! Artists are each doing 30 minute sets, and there are 24 acts – that’s TWELVE STRAIGHT HOURS of new original music! Most artists are San Francisco based, others are as far flung as New Zealand (who could that be!?). You may find your new favorite underground, humanitarian musical artist (besides me 😁). 

Hope to see you there!

Musically yours,


p.s. Email recipients – sorry about the triple post yesterday! You cannot edit polls after they are posted and I messed up the choices TWICE, requiring do-overs 😅 I try to be more considerate of your inboxes than too frequent posts! If you’ve an opinion on the pace of posting outside the anomalous booboo, please post your preference ⬇️ …I love that last sentence #wordnerd

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