Pre Zenith: Slow down for what!?

The first year of the third decade of my life will be behind me this time next week. The thirties are a weird space where society’s habit is to paint you as old while those older and more experienced insist that you’re young. I hope this indicates a zenith of sorts. A point at which one has accumulated some wisdom and still has the energy to employ it. I feel hopeful, inspired, and purposeful at this time in my life. The path before me yields vague and pleasant shapes, and I have the most and best company with which to explore them. Feeling like I couldn’t ask for more! 

Current Goals: Development and execution of permanent Pay What You Can community music services infrastructure; continuing education in nonprofit organization, social justice reform, music business and performance; record LIKE A MOTH; compose prequel; mentorship & collaborations; content curation; personal & systemic wellbeing. 

Here’s some of what went down last month and what’s on this month: 

Recent Events (Video & Blog Debriefs below or coming soon):

Otium at The Butter Factory 

Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths presents LIKE A MOTH at Nelson Fringe 


The San Detroit Band at The Irish Wolf

Hospo for Hospice

Sunday Jazz with The Maggie Cocco Band 

Recent Blogs, Editorials, Videos, Recordings:

Anzac Road Sessions 2&3 

Tell me what you want, what you really really want 

Black box video Sessions: Becoming Draft Version 

I/my child/friend/partner/cat only ever writes sad/angry/negative songs…Should I be worried? 

When A Student Only Wants to Sing Songs by [Insert Artist] 

My Food Habit: May Favorites and Fails 

Vocal Music & Intersectionality Panel Discussion 

“Sleep” at Anzac Road 

Black Box Video Sessions: I See You Draft Version 

Upcoming Events:

July 11th/12th – Poetry Live! presents Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths 

July 22nd/23rd – Women About Sound 

July 25th/26th – Creative Civic Engagement (Hybrid Workshop) 

July 27th/28th – Performance Professional: On the Stage v Industry Spaces (Online Workshop) 

July 29th/30th – Maggie Cocco & Paul O’Brien at Botticelli’s 

July 30th/31st – Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths at Bunker Hill Unplugged 

July 31st/Aug 1st – Dreaming Disability Justice with Girls Rock Detroit Book Club 

August 4th/5th – The San Detroit Band at The Irish Wolf

*All possible gigs are live streamed, filmed, or otherwise documented. Check Patreon for larger content and follow Maggie Cocco Music projects on social media for daily updates

Extra of the month: 1. Unreleased Photos; 2. Unreleased Video 3. Unreleased Original Audio 4. Other – you tell me 🙂 Comment below.

Please welcome our new and returning patrons: Mema, Denies, Angela, Hilda, Jenni, Sandra, and Verena. THANK YOU so much for your support of Maggie Cocco Music projects. Happy you’re here 💕

Musically Yours,  


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