Poor Wayfaring Stranger

It seems to me that there are as many people reeling from the worst that life has to offer this week as last. My fb feed was full of grieving loved ones. The news was full of, well, news… The crisis in Ghouta hit a terrifying peak. Though my personal sky brightened considerably from last week to now, the aura of death still hangs heavy. This week’s release, the American folk-gospel song “Poor Wayfaring Stranger,” has been helping humans to address moments like these since it likely originated in the 19th century. World famous and listed in the top 100 western folk songs of all time, it has been recorded by many artists, from Johnny Cash to Ed Sheeran. 

The minor key and soaring melody acknowledge the ever present darkness, but give way to hope. I chose to record outside because although the wind was blowing, the birds were chirping, and it all just seemed to underscore the dynamic so perfectly. I hope this song acknowledges your struggle and gives you the strength to persevere toward the comforts that await you, whatever they may be. 

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