Podcast: Northland Artists Conversation with Maggie Cocco

Mark Kelly and I were both deliriously tired when we recorded so I think we were both surprised at how organically entertaining and deep this got! So entertaining, in fact, that it’s easily one of their longest (and currently most listened to) podcasts. I’m chalking it up to Mark’s affable interview skills 🙌

I’m an open book, but if you’re new here and don’t know much about me yet, this’ll get you caught up right quick!

Quoth the Mark:

“Ok, Northland Artists Conversation supporters, this podcast is a cracker! Well travelled and touring musician Maggie Cocco joins us for a truly lively podcast this week.

Maggie was so super cool to talk with. She talked about her early life growing up just outside of Detroit before beginning her journey into becoming a musician. She shares some hilarious stories of her time in the music industry, and then talks about how she ended up in our little slice of paradise. How she met her now partner is definitely a story worth listening to!

Maggie was one of those guests that you always hope to be able to find and have a conversation with and she didn’t disappoint. Northland has some unbelievably talented people that live here, and Maggie; like a lot of our previous guests; was another classic example. Make sure you check us on social media to never miss an episode!”

Don’t live in this rather obscure part of the world? Subscribing to NAC may not appeal to you, but if you’re like me and want to know who’s in your backyard (I’m scoping collaborators for sure!) whilst having your mind blown over how much talent there can possibly be in any one place, find the platforms that are showcasing your local artists and support them by listening and subscribing. Support artists! Support infrastructure for artists! Support the things you want to see in the world 💞

BONUS Rapid Fire Round: 10 Questions asked and answered as quickly as possible, aaaaaaaand…GO!

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Christian is a Detroit native and was recently adopted into a big loving family of 7. Mom noticed right away that Christian is a naturally gifted singer, and enlisted Maggie Cocco Music to help prepare Christian for her audition with the prestigious Detroit Youth Chorus. She got in – Congratulations Christian! And now takes weekly lessons in music theory and singing with Maggie Cocco Music. Subsidizing needs for Christian are $220/month.

Aileen has recently discovered a love of singing! She sings with various community choruses and has reached out to Maggie Cocco Music to help her learn to sing her parts better. Aileen is on fixed income. Subsidizing needs for Aileen are $100/month.

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