Past the Gray…Grey?

Hey Socials! California is treating me well! Somehow I’ve already got my fingers in more pies than I can keep track of (WHO thought of that cliche, and why did it catch on!?…) But I suppose that’s progress! 

This week’s “release” is another for your ears only, featuring a song composed by myself and Reed Schwallie. Before moving to California, Reed and I were bandmates in Detroit Pop Roxx. (In the photo, Reed and I are the two wearing red…) If you’re a Southeast Michigan Native and you like to dance, I highly recommend finding a bar they’re playing at sometime! Their new singer, Kelly, is phenomenal, and they do everything from Pat Benetar to Pink! I digress…

Reed had written this guitar part and played it for me some months ago. I started riffing with it and within an hour we had written and recorded this nearly complete little tune!

Of course, this version is a draft that doesn’t even contain all the lyrics! This is some total behind the scenes shit right here 😍 Hence, “for your ears only” 😉

What I need from you is some ideas. I’m going to commission a video to accompany it. Take a listen and lmk what kind of video you think it calls for – a lyric video, an animated video, an audio-visual spectrum (like in the Love & Life teasers), or something completely new and different! Not sure what kind of video to recommend? Any feedback that you can give me about how the song makes you feel and what it reminds you of will help! 

P.s….Would you spell this “Moving Past the Gray” or “Moving Past the Grey”…? 🤔

P.s.s. I livestream with a funk band tomorrow afternoon! I’ll sing some standards that I have done a million times, plus a couple songs that are new for me, like “Sweet Thing” by Chaka Khan! I’ll post the link so you can tune in at your leisure 🤓

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