Official Updated Artwork

Artwork from by Taylor Ruffin.

Concept: We wanted to update the Science for Sociopaths “mask” logo – “the masks we wear” concept – for 2019. The Japanese art and philosophy of Kintsugi – mending a once broken item in such a way that the flaw is made part of the aesthetic – is so near a visual example of what we’re trying to shine a light on musically as Science for Sociopaths that I wanted to see if we could merge the concepts. The result, as interpreted by Taylor Urban, is both visually and intellectually striking. We decided to expand the concept into the banner art (see main page), and I just love it!

Special thanks to everyone who gave input throughout the commissioning of this artwork! Your feedback on the drafts and concepts was, as always, so appreciated! 

Stay tuned this month for our first original release of 2019 featuring artwork from Urbane by Taylor Ruffin.

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