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If you’re a patron you needn’t be subscribed to my newsletter – that would be redundant. But I do sometimes write something in my Newsletter that I haven’t elaborated on yet for patrons. I received an inquiry in response to my newsletter that I thought others may also have. From “Just Bobby”…

“I was wondering, since you mentioned new recording and video equipment, if you would mind sharing with me what you are using.

There seems to be so many options out there and for someone like myself, with limited experience, it can be difficult to figure out what to choose.”

No worries, Bobby! Here’s what I’ve invested in of late and why:

Huawei Matebook Pro – similar setup to a MacBook, to which I’ve been accustomed, but better processing capacity for audio and video, small laptop (I’m a small person), and cheaper than Mac for similar processing capability.

Synology DiskStation DS218 – for digital storage

Xiaomi 11 – I needed a new phone and this has a camera that records in HD, so it doubles as my primary camera.

Zoom L8 – portable multitrack recorder for primary audio

Zoom Q8 – Backup camera and room mic audio.

This is a system devised by a non-techie person, for what it’s worth. Not just a non-techie person, actually, but someone who has had full on panic attacks when attempting to work with basic tech. Overcoming that has been a New Years Resolution of mine for two years, and oomph… it is a process.

I did a lot of research, and at the end of the day I sacrificed advanced capability for simply improved capability, in-budget, user friendliness. I’m also limited by what is available in New Zealand, and may have chosen differently were I based elsewhere atm.

My primary concerns were 1) easy to use 2) portable 3) sustainable 4) improvement on what I was working with before 4) budget. I saved and spent roughly $6000 NSD all told on these pieces and accoutrements (drives, cases, etc).

Thanks for your question, Just Bobby! Hope that helps!

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