New Zealand Pt 2 – It’s Happening!

I have only good news for you. A lot of the groundwork we’ve laid in the past year and a half is yielding what may – as my friend Mike puts it – create a snowball of love! The results are in:

We’re going back to NZ in 2 weeks where we will

A. Tour again – this time as a headliner! Expect to visit some familiar rocking venues and some newer, more intimate venues. Different venues = different shows! Official date and lineup announcement coming soon. Let’s get it #KarlsReturn 🙌🎶

B. Finish releasing the much delayed final installment of the 2019 album. Catching up $, moving, waiting on some of the pieces 🎬, and being sick hasn’t left me much time and energy to work with over the past couple months. I’ve chosen to use it to organize some of the forthcoming opportunities. Thank you for staying with me! I think it’ll have been worth it 🤓

C. Begin our newest, most exciting collaboration yet! Enter Kenny MacDonald – engineer, producer, friend. Kenny has teamed up with many a strong female vocalist in his day with great success. For example – – 👀…sooooo, yeah 🤩 Collaborating with established industry persons + more knowledgeable others = win 🧐

As with all things, I approach these opportunities with cautious optimism, but guys…life is good. It’s exhausting, unpredictable, chaotic, and messy…but so, so good. And it wouldn’t be nearly as good without you! Thanks for being on my team and enjoying the fruits of my labors with me! I’ve had this song – especially the bridge and chorus – running through my head lately ❤️

Sometimes I get so afraid when everything’s going my way

When is the shoe gonna fall

If I lose you I’ve lost it all

…Aheeee! My heart’s at ease at home!

^^^^ Look at this video! Can you believe how far we’ve come from experiments like these in producing content!? Mental note – update visuals for “Heart’s At Ease” when you find time lol

Musically yours,


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