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I’ve been buzzing away and oh, the honey is sweet! Vocals and piano for LIKE A MOTH are completely tracked. Upon my return from this next excursion, we’re heading into mixing!

…I think I angered Dear February when I bemoaned January’s rough weeks in my last blog. In spite or because of me the bad weather kept coming till we had a cumulative month of gigs cancelled. It was also suggested that Micky’s Dad who came visiting from Ireland/Australia brought the weather with him, but he’s such a sunny person I can’t believe that. In fact, there was many a traveler from wet and windy places who claimed or otherwise accepted credit for bringing the weather with them. This seemed somehow more acceptable than the oft-whispered “climate change.”

We were luckier than some. A bit of fence came down during the worst of it and our bank accounts were made scarily skint. Others lost lives, homes, and livelihoods. The cleanup continues. Where it once took us 2.5 hours to get from Northland to Auckland it has taken us as long as 4.5 hours. We’ve made the trek anyway as often as we can to soothe our pocketbooks and minds. Hopefully we’ve soothed others in the process. Most people have only just started to emerge from their homes, but those who’ve come out to shows have really needed them.

There’s so much to do. One perk of cancelled gigs was all the time I had to do other things. I caught up on some admin, yatta yatta, and I put the finishing touches on a tour I’ve been working on since late last year. I’m excited to say that I’ll be taking not one, not two, but THREE shows on the road from next Saturday the 18th!

LIKE A MOTH – pre-album release promotional tour

Sample from Wellington Fringe Festival 2021

MORPHOSIS PART I (Working title?) – Development tour

Sample from Premiere at Whangarei Fringe Festival 2022

MAGGIE COCCO ACOUSTIC – Acoustic originals, covers & remakes

Sample from Common Room, Hastings 2022 – $15-$30 or Pay What You Can tickets available at door 

I let venues choose which show they’d like. Some chose one, some two, some all three! We kick off at Leigh Sawmill with selections from LIKE A MOTH AND MORPHOSIS PART I (music only) and special guest Mema Wilda. Mema is a Samoan singer-songwriter who I first saw opening for Sam Bartells at The Tuning Fork in 2021. I was writing a review of the show for Melodic Magazine and she was so moving I could’ve written an entire article on just her performance. I’m EXTRA excited for this show because following our individual sets Mema and I will play a shared set, trading songs that have influenced us over the years.

I’ve always loved this description of my music from Jeff Milo’s DEEP CUTZ, and I’d like to extend it to Mema. If you can make this show, it’s not to be missed!

..And neither are any of the others. On Sunday afternoon we’re hosting an acoustic session for Leigh Sawmill to which I’ve invited a couple of my favorite local musos! I have only a rough idea of what this gig will look like, but it will be fun!

Then we’re off to Wellington (with a brief stop in Auckland to negotiate the album packaging) where we’ll catch the Kaitaki Ferry to the South Island. Bands on Board is a program that grants musicians passage in exchange for performances on board the ferry. I’m much too excited to be playing for a captive audience that isn’t expecting live music at six in the morning. Will I be able to rouse such a crowd? We shall see…

God willing and the creek don’t rise – that saying has gained a lot more depth to me recently, pun intended – we’ll land in Nelson just in time to meet our artist collaborator – Stefania Naldi, textiles – before returning to the Red Door Theatre on March 23rd, 34th, and 25th! Our one-night-only there last year was nominated for a couple Fringe awards, so we’re back by popular demand! Acoustic Thursday, LIKE A MOTH Friday, MORHPOSIS PART I Saturday. People could come to all three shows and see something completely different each night, which I love ✨

Sunday the 26th we’re off to Picton for a long awaited reschedule from the tour that COVID cancelled early last year. I’m told that Le Cafe has an incredible piano and I am ready to go ham on it!!!! I’ll likely do selections from all three shows 🤍

Kaitaki calls! We’ll have a little lie in before entertaining the afternoon Ferry goers on route to Wellington where we will camp and recover for a few days. I always miss the sights and sounds of the city so we’ll soak up a bit of that and a bit of nature before the final NZ leg…

Remember that time we stayed with new musician friend Beans Maries at the former Yugoslavian Embassy in Wellington? Good news! We’re slated to play their first ever house show on March 31st! This one’s not on the poster because it is invite only. If you are a Wellingtonian who would like to attend, PM me for the invite! It will be EPIC!!!

Onward to the best Mexican food in the country! The Secret Garden at Waihi Beach was such a blast with Bowie Bowie this past NYE that I knew we’d be back there soon – April 1st, to be exact. Nothing beats good food, good people, and heartfelt hospitality. Like Picton & Wellington I imagine I’ll do selections from all three shows..we’ll see what kind of energy the audience is giving me and decide on the night.

Know people in these locations? I haven’t played some of them and could definitely use referrals! Tickets at

I mentioned Australia! After Waihi Beach we shoot back up to Whangārei for a day to do ALL THE LAUNDRY then back to Auckland to catch our plane to Sydney. Micky hasn’t seen his siblings since pre-COVID, and I’ve never met them OR been to Australia 😱 The closest I’ve come was that botched tour with Billy TK when he fumbled the money for flights and I met Micky instead (see NORTHLAND ARTISTS CONVERSATION at 35:00 for full story recap). So it’s time I met the family. Of course I have managed to make it into a working holiday with one gig and a workshop booked so far – remember Zaynab!? ..More details to follow. I’m currently on the lookout for gigs in Sydney if anybody knows anyone who would host a house show, has an event, venue, or is connected with the music scene there! SEND ME YOUR PEOPLE!!!

I hope everyone’s keeping well in their respective parts of the world! Know that you’re all part of my community and if there’s anything I can ever do for you, I won’t hesitate! We get through the rough times together, from lending a hand in the aftermath of a cyclone and COVID care packages to singing songs in solidarity 💕

Special thanks to everyone who has helped me with this tour, especially Nicole Mallory (graphic design), Micky Nogher (logistics), Nelson Fringe crew, Kaitaki Ferry crew, Craig & Malcolm, Peter, Willie & Sanchez, Zaynab, Beans Maries, Mary Rea, & Jane. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Musically yours,



Tony has a strong baritone and natural musicianship. He has studied piano for many years and would like to learn to sing like his father and grandfather. Tony is differently abled and has limited funds. Tony studies with Maggie Cocco Music for two hours each week. His goal is to sing with a band one day, but also to sing for fun and his health. Subsidizing needs for Tony are $60/week.

Christian is a Detroit native and was recently adopted into a big loving family of 7. Mom noticed right away that Christian is a naturally gifted singer, and enlisted Maggie Cocco Music to help prepare Christian for her audition with the prestigious Detroit Youth Chorus. She got in – Congratulations Christian! And now takes weekly lessons in music theory and singing with Maggie Cocco Music. Subsidizing needs for Christian are $220/month.

Aileen has recently discovered a love of singing! She sings with various community choruses and has reached out to Maggie Cocco Music to help her learn to sing her parts better. Aileen is on fixed income. Subsidizing needs for Aileen are $100/month.

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