Missing You for Christmas

How wonderful is it that we live in a time of burgeoning mental health awareness? When I wrote this song 7ish years ago I was told that no one wants to listen to a sad Christmas song. Now this song gets as many listens this time of year as others do year round. I’m seeing posts from friends, family, and acquaintances acknowledging the seasonal burden of happiness, and encouraging themselves and others to kindness, empathy, love, and wellness. It’s a beautiful thing.

Here is some of the wisdom I’ve seen on my feed recently:

“I really just wanted to express that it is ok to not enjoy this season, or to enjoy it differently than you have in the past. Expectation is the killer of joy, and joy does not have to be fireworks. It can be quiet comfort. It can be small, it can be quiet. It can be rest.” – Sara Cate

And then there’s this:

It’s sooooo important to acknowledge that what should be the best of times can – for that reason – be the worst of times. There was a time in my life when I never thought I’d be happy again. I couldn’t have imagined it then, but today I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I wish everyone reading this hope and more happiness in the near future than you’ve ever imagined for yourself.

Here’s a bit of advice from the pros on what you can do for yourself and others who may be struggling this season. When in doubt, reach out!

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ps. Christmas Lullabies 2020 – throwback for you 🤍

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