Mid Night Christmas Stream

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas time! I’ve been having a great year (to be detailed in my forthcoming year in review), and the holidays have been no different. Everything is turning up Maggie, and with my extra bandwidth my gratitude is measured by memories of painful Christmases past; the holidays are a really difficult time for many. I’ve written about this before in a song and blog called Missing You for Christmas (and in my regular social media posts #follow). This year, I want to offer something accessible no matter where you’re heart and mind are at; something that will fill both of our cups this Christmas. I’ve been working on Eva Cassidy style voice and guitar arrangements of achingly beautiful Christmas songs; the kind that make me feel nostalgic for a time before my own. The kind that you can sing along, sleep along, cry along, take a break, and wind down to. Tonight (or whenever you’re ready to push play) I’m lighting the candles and playing you an hour straight of Christmas Lullabies and Nostalgia. Merry Christmas 🥂🎄






Update: I recommend tuning in when you need a break from holiday chaos or just before sleeps 😴 YouTube Watch Here

Musically yours,


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