Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths at Whangarei Fringe: Part II

First show sold out 🎉 and we’re back for round two; same concept, new collaboration! As part of Whangarei Fringe, Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths will perform in collaboration with local artist, Olivia Garelja, in what will be an emotional, multi-sensory interactive experiment.

Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths is brave, vulnerable, and fierce.

Her neo-mellow songs stem from the lineage of America’s rich singer-songwriter culture – most comparably Carole King – while her dynamic vocals range in expression from powerhouse to Disney princess. SfS music is rich in musical and lyrical hooks, and features minimal piano and acoustic arrangements that allow the songwriting to take center stage. In performance, Maggie holds a room with a combination of sincere vulnerability, levity, and mesmerizing musicality.

Olivia Garelja is a multi-disciplined creative based in Matarau- Whangarei.

Currently a mural artist, photographer and a team leader by trade. Her interest lies in how we see and interpret the world around us and the intuitive knowing revealed in our natural expression of this world. Her live work for this project will be unrehearsed and developed through the intrinsic feeling of the music.

This show will feature a 10-15 song cycle detailing the course of a romantic relationship from start to end. Audience members will be invited to express themselves on the same canvas as the artist at regular intervals throughout the performance. The resultant artwork will be auctioned to benefit Creative Northland.

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