Love (That) We Almost Had – Rhiannon Giddens Cover

Special thanks for Jenny for requesting a cover of one of my favorite songs! #patron #thankyou

The Love That We Almost had was my second favorite song off of Rhiannon Giddens’s 2017 album release, Freedom Highway. But only because the first song I ever heard from the album – At the Purchaser’s Option – will always have a special place in my heart. “At The Purchaser’s Option” is a heavy song inspired by ads from the early American slave trade. I heard Rhiannon Giddens give an interview on NPR in which she discussed the origins of this song, and I felt my heart break when I heard her sing it. So I bought the album, and I found so much incredible and diverse music there. My favorite song changes for various reasons, but I always come back to “The Love That We Almost Had.” This confessional “one that got away” song is unique in that it seems to me like she’s speaking directly to the object of her infatuation. How bold! I don’t usually venture to do something of a plot-like music video for a cover song, but this one was too delicious – and easy – to pass up! I threw my camera on, imagined I was talking to my crush via skype, and just gushed. I hope you enjoy this rendition of “The Love That We Almost Had.”

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