Look What I Found Cover (Lady Gaga)

Hey Socials! I’m just as pumped as everyone else is about Lady’s Gaga’s first feature film, “A Star Is Born,” and I just COULDN’T WAIT to film and release this cover!!!

Of all the songs that A Star Is Born has birthed, this is my favorite. The simple piano intro promised something great and soulful, which Gaga delivered with thoughtful precision. The melody carries the song with confidence and force, but still breathes. And the story – about being in awe of finding yourself loved by someone in spite of yourself – is timeless. I was really blown away by this song, and I hope this rendition carries you with me!  

Also Important! This video represents my first video collab in San Francisco, and features the very talented Keith Fongheiser (percussion) and Phil Devencenzi (guitar) of “Why These Coyotes,” whom you can check out here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJV9…

Please like and share the heck out of this (and every) video! Covers like these are more likely to get video play because people recognize the music already, and it’s great exposure for me, for you, and for everything Science for Sociopaths #thankyou #lookwhatifound #ladygaga #scienceforsociopaths 

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