Like A Moth – Vinyl & CD Pre-Sales

Last week I performed three of the most beautiful and powerful shows of my life.

Unedited livestream Part I & Part II 

Tomorrow, Micky and I fly stateside for the US leg of the Analog Tour and first trip home in 5 years.

Today, Vinyl & CD pre-sales are now available for Like A Moth from Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths. This album has been 3 years in development and 18 months in the making at Anzac Road – Analog Recording. There are many guest artists, audiences, and moments from the development tour that made this album what it is. I’ll be reflecting on these here and on socials this coming weeks alongside tour updates and other good stuff. Special thanks to Andrew Hodgins, Jude Collie, Bonnie Schwarz, Micky Nogher, Herbie Faesenkloet, Dave Brown, and YOU for being integral to the making of this; it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and it wouldn’t be here without you.

Enjoy a cheeky listen to the mixes and get excited with me for the official release to streaming platforms in early 2024! These are EXCITING TIMES!!!

Next stop: San Francisco

Musically yours,



Tony has a strong baritone and natural musicianship. He has studied piano for many years and is learning to sing like his father and grandfather before him. Tony is differently abled and has limited funds. Tony studies with Maggie Cocco Music for two hours each week. His goal is to sing with the bands at the local music clubs, but also to sing for fun and his health. Subsidizing needs for Tony are $60/week.

Ciara Lee is in gradeschool and loves all things music, but especially singing! She has weekly half hour lessons where she learns singing and piano. Subsidizing Ciara Lee costs $80/month.

Finances should not be a barrier to music or education! Maggie Cocco Music services are Pay What You Can so that persons who mightn’t otherwise be able to afford them have access to quality music education and services. Support Maggie Cocco Music in this mission by giving a one-time gift or becoming a sustainer on Patreon 🤍

Upcoming Events:
December  1st: Clif Payne’s Very Cool Band at The Back Room, Berkeley  

December 4th: Artist feature at Tupelo, SF 

December 6th: Mastering Session with Piper Payne, Neato! Mastering, Nashville TN 

December 13th: Live on Bold Leap Podcast 

December 15th: Science for Sociopaths Performance & Youth Arts Activism Workshop, GAAHGR Grand Rapids, MI 

December 18th: Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths w/sg Joanna Sterling, The Ark Ann Arbor MI 

December 19th: Singers in the Round, Macomb MI *TBA*

December 22nd: Music Mavens of Michigan Concert Fundraiser for Girls Rock Detroit 

January 10th: Artist Feature at Mr. Tipples, SF 

January 11th: Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths at Vic’s Winehouse on Filmore, SF 

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