Just To Be Alive: Song for Awhiworld

Awhiworld BIOS project gets international and local artists tuning into Whangarei Art Museum

I am honored to have been invited to collaborate with Awhiworld and ThoTho on this inspiring lab/exhibition on the cutting edge intersections of art, technology, and nature. Think bio plastics, 3D printing, parallel realities, bio receptivity, E textiles…the scope and potential of these fields is mind blowing. Dr Maggie Buxton, Kim Newall, Vivian Thonger, and Alan Thomas are pioneers in their fields working with peers in Scotland, Brazil, and the United States. My humble role was to harness my platform and skills as an artist to raise the profile of and feed the project. To do this, I first had to come to understand how I connect with the project. 

Finding songs to cover and writing my own:

You’d think there’d be many songs about plants and nature, and there are…sort of. Most songs that reference nature use it only as a metaphor to describe some facet of humanness, not to extoll the virtue of plants and nature themselves. Singing songs that compared the beauty of a lover to a summer rose hardly seemed to fit the prompt. Turns out that humans are very bad at centering things other than ourselves. In The Journal of Responsible Technology, an article called From Human Centered to Life Centered Design: Considering environmental and ethical concerns in the design of interactive products led me to wonder what non-human centered narrative design could look like in a song.

I struggled even to imagine it. Not only do I not identify very strongly with nature, but I feel almost completely separate from it. I’m compelled by nature. I crave a oneness with it that I can’t ever seem to attain. As much as I wanted to jump straight to writing a life-centered song, you can only write what I know. Here’s what I know: In some ways plants have evolved better than us. We’re successful as a species to our own detriment. Not only does our expansion threaten the very resources upon which we and all other living beings depend, but we have the unique distinction of making ourselves miserable in the process. To quote some much wiser people

“We are alive just as nature is alive; to be here, to be beautiful and strange.” – Melanie Lau

“If you are depressed, you are living in the Past. If you are anxious, living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the moment. – Lao Tzu

We are the least miserable when we remember that we are, to quote Alan Watts, “Alive just to be alive.” 

You know who doesn’t have to be reminded of that? Plants! The nature of nature beyond us… With this song I hoped to examine how humans like me become separate from plants/nature, and the lessons we can learn from them. 

Music, lyrics, and performance by Maggie Cocco. VJ featuring plantlife by Kim Newall. Video by Micky Nogher.

Just To Be Alive

Music and lyrics by Maggie Cocco

How do you feel more real on a movie

screen than when in my sight?

I’ve wanted to touch you my whole life,

now that I can it doesn’t feel right

Nature took the nature out of me

Purpose has its purpose purposely

I wanna be alive just to be alive

Time is a construct and I don’t think

it was our best; we’re losing our minds

What’s good is good till it’s too good,

Becomes meaningless; imbalance is strife

If I can’t be one with you I possess

Past dwelling or purchase I obsess

Where do you draw the line?

When are you alive

Just to be alive

Like flowers are alive

And nature is alive

The earth is alive

Beauty strange and alive

The striving feels more like surviving than thriving

The striving feels more like surviving than thriving

The striving feels more like surviving

than thriving, oh

Special thanks to the Whangarei Art Museum for hosting and to ThoTho for inviting me to improvise with their performance piece, pictured below. To support this project and more, follow Awhiworld on Facebook and Instagram.

Perspectives 📷 by Micky Nogher

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