“Just To Be Alive” Single Release: Songwriters 4 Climate Action

“We are alive just as nature is alive; to be here, to be beautiful and strange.” – Melanie Lau

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” – Alan Watts 

These thoughts from greater thinkers than I inspire me to consider the wisdom of nature, particularly that which is at odds with the folly of humanity. “Just To Be Alive”, composed for BIOS Exhibition by AwhiWorld, started as a prompt. “Explore the intersections of science, art, technology, and nature.” I wanted to be cleverer, but you can only write what you know.

How do you feel more real on a movie screen than when in my sight?

I’ve wanted to touch you my whole life. Now that I can, it doesn’t feel right.

Nature took the nature out of me

Purpose has its purpose purposely

I wanna be alive just to be alive

I started with my own relationship with nature. I think a longing to be one with and even “accepted” by nature is innate to many of us, myself included. Growing up in concrete suburbia southeast Michigan, I have always felt achingly removed from it. Intimidated by it. Cautious that I could hurt it or that it could hurt me. (Instructed to be so cautious!) I am someone who reverently stays on the trail, never deviating or reaching out to touch wayward leaves and limbs that unknowingly transgress my path. Ironic, I think, that the nature of evolution is responsible for both impulses.

If time is a construct, I don’t think it was our best.

We’re losing our minds. 

What’s good is good till it’s too good; becomes meaningless.

Imbalance is strife.

More on how the systems we create to overcome nature within and without can be adaptive to a point, but we’re nothing if not consistent in taking things too far. How else do we learn where “too far” is? 

If I can’t be one with you I possess.

Past dwelling or purchase, I obsess.

Where do you draw the line?

I sometimes wish I were a painter so that every time I saw a beautiful flower or sunset or creature or human I could possess them. My inner eye will never do justice to the beautiful things I’ve witnessed. I understand the urge to wish them to appear before me at will. To own them. This impulse is responsible for a lot of suffering in the world. 

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession, love is about appreciation.” – Rajneesh*

When are you alive just to be alive?

Like flowers are alive, and nature is alive.

The earth is alive, beauty strange and alive.

Positive reinforcement, rhetorical questions, and a subtle shift from minor to major to encourage balance, within and without. 

When striving feels more like surviving than thriving

When striving feels more like surviving than thriving

When striving feels more like surviving than thriving, oh

Without thinking, I often end songs with a hopeful strain. I surprised myself this time with a coda that acknowledges how shit this all is. How basic. As all things are connected, any imbalance has far reaching consequences. Our widening imbalance with nature is connected to widening social, political, economic, and other imbalances. I see and feel it in my own life as I see it in others’. This is a scream of solidarity, and a call to action. Let others live. Let yourself live. 

Musically yours,


*Rajneesh – A philosopher & cult leader with a complicated legacy. Use of this quote is intended so that it may be applied to this context irrespective of any other context to which it may be applicable.

Filmed and recorded for Holding Space Aotearoa at Roundhead Studios New Zealand by Cadby Kong, sponsored by Auckland Council.

“Just To Be Alive” is AVAILABLE NOW on all streaming platforms. Near Auckland on Thursday? Join me and Songwrtiers 4 Climate Action for the album release event at The Flagship Education Centre from 6pm. Streaming and event links here.

Upcoming Events:

Feb 22nd Songwriters 4 Climate Action Vol 2 Album Release Concert, Auckland

Feb 24th ArtBeat, Whangarei

Feb 25th Bunker Hill Unplugged, Devonport

Feb 25th The Detroit Project by Dominique Morisseau – Discussion with Girls Rock Detroit Book Club 

Feb 26th Giant Drop In Choir at ONEONESIX, Whangarei

March 2nd Private Event, The San Detroit Band

March 4th Giant Drop In Choir at ONEONESIX, Whangarei

March 9th The Maggie Cocco Band (Acoustic) at Fritter Fest, Whangarei

March 11th Giant Drop In Choir at ONEONESIX, Whangarei

March 15th Bill Angus and the Mighty Ways at The Llama Lounge, Parua Bay

March 17th Love Songs, Rebel Songs & Classics of Ireland at The Judge, Whangarei

March 18th Giant Drop In Choir at ONEONESIX, Whangarei

March 23rd The Auckland Blues Music Club 20th Anniversary Fundraising Concert in support of Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust, Remuera

March 23rd Private Event, The San Detroit Band

March 24th Giant Drop In Choir at ONEONESIX, Whangarei



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