In Memory of Cinderella’s Jeff LaBar

I only worked with Jeff LaBar for one week on a long dead album. We met at a studio in Nashville when he walked in on me in the bathroom. He apologized profusely and I reasoned cheekily that now we must know each other well enough to work together, and we spent the next week working on my first studio album.

I was 21 at the time, and though that album would be lost to bad management, I left that scenario a lot wiser because of people like Jeff. Jeff was fun, respectful, sincere, straight forward, and highly skilled. More than once he laid down a killer track only to insist that it could be better and, to our collective astonishment, prove us right.

He and the guys introduced me to ghost pepper chicken, told me stories of their days on the road, and kept the mood light and playful. He also told me unequivocally not to let other people tell me how to do my music, stayed in touch, and was supportive of my decision 2-3 years later to go indie. Most importantly, he believed in me without an agenda. I was really chuffed to watch as his passion for cooking grew. #cheflabar could always bring a smile to my face.

I can’t think of a gentler soul than one who dedicates their life to food and music. R.I.P. Jeff. Your legacy is a good one and you will be remembered ❤️

Musically yours,


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