Home Sweet Home

I’ll start with an apology. Your October song is sooooo late. BUT! It is ready, and I have so much to tell you.

A few weeks before tour’s end, I lost my original SIM card. Essentially, I couldn’t verify my identity on any platforms requiring two-factor authentication, including Patreon. I had to get back to the states and get a new SIM card before I could resume posting. Now that everything is sorted, prepare for a deluge of music and tour updates!

Here’s the short list

– Edgar Sleeps (Napping Turtle Strikes Again – with video!)

– Studio wrap-up, Billy’s Album, & New Zealand Radio

– Touristing

– Mick

– Blues Deluge (8 live and studio blues songs)

– What’s Next

These posts (and probably more that I’ve forgotten) coming at ya! Stay tuned.

Musically yours,


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