Highlights from Dublin


Hey socials! I finally took time over break to skim through some of the live video performances from the Ireland Tour this past fall 2018. My favorite performances by far were those in which I got to jam with the locals. Music is part of the fabric of Irish identity and culture, and the synergy I experienced with the musicians there was every bit as inspiring as I’d imagined it could be. 

About jams: You know that feeling of euphoria that you get when something you’re working on comes together; finally looks like the thing it’s supposed to look like? Now imagine that you could live in that moment for a while. That’s what a good jam feels like. A good jam happens when all participating musicians are living in a moment on the edge of euphoria, completely aware of themselves and each other, all searching for the same ever-evolving wavelength. A good jam is nothing short of spiritual, and the more often you do it, the better you get at jamming with other musicians. By contrast, a “bad jam” can be pretty sad feeling. Every jam, however, is one that you can learn from and is worth engaging. I’m humbled by the musicians I met in Dublin who availed themselves to sharing the jam experience with me, and pleased to say that even having only just met them moments before we played together, we produced some pretty top notch jams! 

To those musicians and to my good friend who filmed and accompanied me on this incredible trip, I offer my most heartfelt appreciation and thanks. I will treasure these memories for a lifetime. 


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