Hey Sunshine

Hey socials et al!! It’s the end of a season. Literally! Fall is the most beautiful season even as it is a fleeting omen of death. Metaphors abound. But also puns! Don’t leaf me now, fall!!!

“Hey Sunshine” started off as a homework assignment. A Sync Licensing course that I am taking required a composition in response to the following prompt: 

“A couple wakes up and sunshine is just peeking through the curtains.  The woman has a smile on her face.  The man rolls over, looks at her and smiles, while briefly raising and eyebrow.  He brushes her hair out of her face. She looks forlornly back and then he says “ Love you, gonna go make some coffee”.  He hops out of bed and she flops back and lets out a sigh. “

Truth is, I wrote the first verse before I caught the forlorn look she throws him before the first line of the scene. By the time I caught it I was so compelled by first verse that I decided to leave it and support the forlorn via a lyrically ambiguous second verse. I don’t know about how well I achieved my goal as far as the homework is concerned, but as a piece of music it’s a little gem in my collection. “Hey Sunshine” takes on a life of it’s own in which the simplicity of the music and verse somehow manage to convey the most inexplicable and deepest emotions. 

In the end, I submitted this song in addition to another composition that deviated less from the prompt. Both were well received, but this song earned a little place in my heart. 

Hey Sunshine, I haven’t felt this good in such a long, long time

Hey Sunshine, I missed your warm, bright eyes before I knew I could

Don’t you leave me now

Don’t you leave me now

Hey Sunshine, things haven’t seemed this real in such a long, long time

Hey Sunshine, when you look in my eyes, do you know how to feel?

Don’t you leave me now

Don’t you leave me now

Don’t you leave me now

Don’t you leave me now

Voice & Piano, Maggie Cocco

Released November 9th, 2018

Written by Maggie Cocco

Engineered by Will Mandell at Broken Horn Studios, San Mateo, CA

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