Finn’s Lullaby

Sleep little baby

This is your favorite lullaby

Soon you’ll be dreaming

And building universes in your mind

1, 4, 5

The world is waiting

There’s so much to see outside

And when you’re ready

You’ll share with us the world you build inside

Over time

Days become weeks become years

Mouths making smiles turn to eyes making tears

And then back into smiles and, you guessed it

We play it again

Sleep little baby

This is your favorite lullaby

Soon you’ll be waking

To be the architect of your own life

1, 4, 5

6, 1, 6, 1, 6, 1

Hey Socials,

I finally got around to writing a lullaby for my new and only nibling, Finn! 

Finn was born on November 6th in my home state of Michigan, and even though they won’t get to meet their auntie (aunty?…) for some time, it’s my hope that little things like this lullaby will nurture our connection. My sister has been playing it over and over, and I like the thought that Finn might already recognize my voice!

As a lullaby, I stuck largely with a basic chord progression inspired by Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and kept it flowy except where the text demanded otherwise in the bridge. I wanted the lyrics to be hopeful and encouraging, yet realistic. A gentle introduction to the inner and outer worlds Finn has entered. I hope that they will be able to return to it for years to come. If they do, and they study a bit of music, they will find an easter egg (also inspired by “Hallelujah”) in it from me. 

Finn is reportedly a huge fan of the accordion, and Micky just bought an accordion that sat above the bar at his local pub for 20+ years after the new owners chucked it. News to everyone: it works! Micky is loving his new instrument and I’m…surviving 😂 This is to say that there’s an accordion arrangement in our collective future.

Musically yours,


p.s. Happy to discuss said easter egg with those who are curious! PM me so that we don’t spoil Finn’s future aha moment 🎉 

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