Feelin’ Good Cover (Nina Simone)

What a time! In the past two weeks I’ve released two EPs and recorded an all new album slated for release in late fall, 2018. It’s been non-stop and I’m not about to slow down, BUT! Benjamin Warsaw and I thought we’d take a break from planning the next album to arrange and record a live performance for this week’s release. It’s a cover I’ve wanted to do for a long time that pretty succinctly sums up my feelings about this time in my life…”Feelin’ Good!”

Nina Simone is undoubtedly among the rawest famed vocalists of recent history. Her performances give me that inexplicable feeling that all great performances do. It’s not that she’s flawless, but that she’s right there in the music in such a way that transcends the notes and the words themselves. This is a “vibe” that I strive for in all my original music, and that when covering music that has been done so well before, I try my best to pay homage to. I am no Nina Simone, but please enjoy this most earnest rendition of one of her signature tunes, “Feelin’ Good.”

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