Eight Days A Week

Hey Socials! I turn 27 this weekend! And while I’ve got a bunch of better quality recordings in the que for you than this one here, I wanted to make an opportunity to appreciate tracks like this and the moments that make them. These are the moments I most appreciate and seek to make more of as I enter my 27th year.

 This track is a relatively raw recording from an evening a few months ago when my friend Kaitlyn Keith and I were hanging out. (You might recall another track featuring yet another Beatles song that I captured that evening and shared previously.) Spontaneous music moments like these are just as precious now as they’ve ever been. They’re not polished. They’re not going to be the “money makers” of my career. They’re like a homemade cake for your birthday. It mightn’t be as prettied up as cake from the store, but it’s just as delicious and sometimes twice as meaningful. Sugar cake with memory icing. Here’s to another year of making music with family, with friends, with you ❤️

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