Detroit Summer Show Announcement + Update

Hey Socials et al!

This time next month it looks like I’ll be back in the D to share a very intimate piano/vocal set featuring new arrangements of recent favorites and previously unreleased original songs off the 2019 #UnnamedAlbum

Check the ticket link above for the where and whens! I can’t wait to share this new intimate set with you!

California patrons, stay tuned! I’m looking into venues at which to feature this same piano set in early fall.

Update: the next single release is a Beatles inspired tune slated to drop THIS COMING FRIDAY! Watch out for Hey Joe, music video featuring artwork by Madeline Tachibana!

Question: Of the four songs released so far in 2019 – “Where I Belong” “Little Girl, Get Up” “That Man” “I Never Wanted” – which is your favorite (and why)?

Musically Yours,


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