Day 7: New Zealand 2019

Hey Socials!

Just more of the same from this ridiculously cushy tour. The audience at Parakao was all about us, and it made my heart glad! That and the gloriousness of the scenery 😍 It was THE most happening show in literally the middle of nowhere NZ. Karl loved it!

Before the show we were treated to a traditional NZ meal called a Hangi. It’s three different meats – lamb, pork, and chicken – plus pumpkin, onion and cabbage all cooked together like an extra meaty stew 😋

So fueled with food and fired up by a thirsty audience, we played until the venue shut us down haha. Luckily we had a gracious host up the road who lent us his farm house in which to crash afterward. Woke up today to another homemade meal, this one consisting of freshly caught red snapper, avocado, rye toast, eggs, and homemade sausage 🤤 I can’t handle it. They’re going to be rolling me into the plane. Good thing I plane to sweat it out on stage 😅

Musically yours,


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