Day 3: New Zealand 2019

Rehearsal day! Stopped into McDonalds for some quick breakfast (McDonalds coffee here is better), popped into the music store for some last minute items (See Karl updates below), and headed to the rehearsal studio. There, we rehearsed both shows – mine and the headliner’s – for a solid 6.5 hours! By the time we left the rehearsal studio, man, we were spent!

Cut to some of the best Italian food I’ve had in a long long time. Billy thought we needed something special, so he took us on a peaceful, rainy drive along the waterfront to this pint sized Italian joint run by one Italian grandfather and a very funny waitress…it was SOOO good!!! I ate an entire bowl of pasta 🤤 And I didn’t save room for dessert, so I will be begging to go back before the month is over. I already have half the band on my side 😁

In a any case, exhausted and full of carbs, I promptly passed out upon our return to the band apartment. …it’s not the most glamorous part of being a musician, but rehearsal days like these, grueling as they are, are some of my favorites!

Musically yours,


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