Creative Civic Engagement Workshop

Girls Rock Detroit is a volunteer run local community organization that is part of a global collective dedicated to fostering creative expression, positive self-esteem and community awareness for girls, women, gender expansive, and transgender people through music education and performance. By encouraging creativity, confidence, and collaboration in a supportive environment, we strive to empower young people to challenge and shape narratives and become engaged members of our communities. We believe it is crucial that all people have access to the benefits of music and education regardless of socio-economic background, religion, race, gender identity, sexuality or ethnicity.

I first connected with Girls Rock Detroit in 2017, volunteering as a piano instructor and band mentor, then as a participant in Rock Roulette (performance fundraiser), then as a Board Member, Secretary, and finally as Intermediate Board Chair. When my term with the Board expires this coming February, I will continue working with Girls Rock Detroit as a digital programming coordinator and am hoping to working with other Girls Rock Organizations around the globe in various capacities. 

Here is a patron funded workshop that I created for youth campers at Girls Rock Detroit. Campers ages 8-17 will be at one of two day camps over the next two weeks. They will have the opportunity to learn an instrument with instrument instructors, to be in a band writing original music with band mentors, and to attend workshops about a variety of music and social justice related topics. This workshop – Creative Civic Engagement – teaches students what Civic Engagement is and encourages them to consider their communities’ needs and how they can apply their unique skills and interests to those needs. 

THANK YOU for supporting Maggie Cocco Music projects and collaborations like these. Please feel encouraged to use this workshop for yourself and in your communities! I’m always happy to know how these materials are working in other contexts and how they can be improved. 

One question: I adore this color scheme, but does anyone know whether it is an accessible/inaccessible one? 

Musically yours,


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