“City of Stars” & “Audition Song” from La La Land

I hope you enjoy this rendition of “City of Stars” [0:00 – 2:17] and “Audition Song (The Fools Who Dream)” [2:17 – 5:48] from La La Land.

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About this week’s release:

This fall I had a unique opportunity to perform at a themed event that featured side by side student and teacher performances. It provided me an opportunity to do three things; cover a song that I have received more than one request for (City of Stars), try my hand at a genre I don’t often perform (something musical theatre esque), and collaborate with a brilliant pianist, fellow teacher, and composer, Yujing Bai. 

The theme of the evening was movie music, which, when cross referenced with my list of cover requests, made “City of Stars” the obvious first choice. It’s easy to sing, just a little bit jazzy, and totally fun! Check, cut, print. The challenge lay in “Audition Song (The Fools Who Dream).” This song is much more nuanced, with sections that contrast broadly from feeling to tempo. More importantly, Yujing and I would only have two rehearsals, the second of which is the recording you heard here, before the performance. Yujing, of course, was the consummate professional; knowing her part and moving with me note for note. I myself was so moved by the natural flow of this composition that it all fell into place rather quickly. It’s no surprise to me that of all the music Justin Hurwitz composed for La La Land, this is reportedly his favorite. It’s now mine as well. 

Maggie Cocco, Soprano

Yujing Bai, Piano

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Will Mandell at Broken Horn Studios, San Mateo, CA

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