Breathe (Anna Nalick Cover)

The last few days have been remarkably difficult. I’ve been recovering from a nasty flu. I lost a friend. Another friend is anticipating a terminal diagnosis. The second deadliest school shooting in American history took place. The aura of death has hung heavily in the air. I took much needed space from a self-destructive loved one. The lyrics of a song I’ve long turned to found their way once more to my grieving heart. 

Breathe, by Anna Nalick, is a soul song for me. It comes to me when I need it, reminding me to breathe through life’s trials. The following presentation is raw. It’s haphazardly recorded and a bit unhinged. Un-polished and fueled by the emotion of recent events, it’s clearly a moment in time I will never replicate. Therefore, as is, I present to you “Breathe.” 

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