Blues Deluge

Happy Thanksgiving to all my favorite people! I was so glad to hear from some of you personally after the massive tour blog that I released earlier this week. I’m feeling the love this Thanksgiving morning ❤️ As promised, here is the aforementioned “Blues Deluge” in honor of the recent blues-flavored #tour #NewZealand2019 

I have 8 songs for you, and a little explanation of each below!

Musically yours,


Say What You Mean – You know the likely single on Billy TK Jnr’s new album!? This was the original!! Recorded and released in 2014 by myself and the old record label 💀 ….I’m excited for the song to have new life with Billy! The cover is very similar to the original, but imagine an extended outro that evolves into a guitar God’s wet dream! If you think my version is sexy, the Billy TK version will really knock your socks off!!

Still Roll – Recorded in 2017 at OmniSound Studios, Nashville, TN; this never-before-released blues fusion track has been on the back-burner waiting for such an occasion as this! It’s a song simply acknowledging life’s lows. I’m working on a video featuring footage from the road due to be released in 2020! 

I Don’t Wanna Go On Shakin’ – This is one of my more brilliant remakes, if I do say so myself! Originally recorded in 1964 by the Migil 5, this one-time dance number makes a really sexy blues strut when you slow it down, add a bridge, and some other slight adjustments! Please forgive the poor quality of the recording. This is from the rehearsal archives circa 2014-2015. I’d forgotten about it completely until this tour gave me a reason to comb my archives for my blues-inspired creations and remakes. Happy to have it on my radar again! The original: 

Better This Way – So I’ve never considered myself a dancer, but on this tour I got as many compliments on my dancing as my singing, and that may be due to fusion grooves like this one. This samba-blues fusion original, circa 2015, is the kind of song that you write with your mind and your hips! Imagine this with a bit more kick in the live show, and you’ll get what I mean! 

How He Moves Me – More sexy latin grooves? This one a bit more reckless, please! Honestly, it’s backstory is a bit dark. I was 21 years old at the time, and entertaining an increasingly flirty relationship with a very talented older musician. We lived on opposite sides of the states, so it never evolved beyond heavy flirting, which was fortunate because I later discovered that he was married. “How He Moves Me” is one of two songs written shortly after this discovery. The songs explore my options as I was processing them – fuck off, or seduce him anyway. I wrote both songs, but I fucked off right quick (yay for morals)!

Jackie Blue – Another total remake of a relatively obscure song that I resurrected from the vaults for this tour! This one’s a blues-funk with feel for days! It was recorded on my phone during a fleshing rehearsal as a simple reference track. Big ups to the guitarist on this, Neil Love of the Gasoline Gypsies. I wish I could recall who the pianist was, because he’s killing it! Gonna need to save up for a good recording of this one as well, I think!

Journey from Eden – The title track from Steve Miller’s 1972 album practically screamed remake when I re-imagined it with the bass line front and center. Consider the lyrics, relevant now as they ever were, and the space to really go boss vocals and solos on this, and I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m exceedingly proud of this recording!

Baby I Ain’t Your Mama – Once upon a time I ended every show with this sassy ass single! Written about the person I was dating at the time who also happened to be playing guitar…we very nearly had a straight Fleetwood Mac type situation with this one 😂 

Pepper me with questions if you have any! Write me a love note ❤️ As you will! Hope you enjoy this Blues Deluge 🎶 Tune in TOMORROW for the next official single release of 2019 #motherdearest

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