Add lyrics to “What Else?” from Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths

Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths creates song cycles about interpersonal and systemic abuse and resilience. Cycles are performed as multimedia shows featuring local visual artists and audience interpretation. 

Join Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths in our first ever lyric-based audience participation. “What Else” is about illustrating dissonance between the narratives we [individuals/society] propagate and reality. 

Ex verse 1: 

If mommies don’t scream,

And daddies don’t beat,

If love don’t mistreat, what else?

In contrast to the reigning narrative that “love don’t mistreat” and mommies and daddies do what’s best for their children, this verse highlights that people who are supposed to love you can also be abusive. 

Ex verse 2:

If beauty’s skin deep,

And crying makes weak,

We’ve sown what we reap, what else?

Each line of this verse highlights something systemic and problematic [our relationships with beauty, toxic masculinity, just-world beliefs]. 

Feel free to submit verses on relevant themes of your choosing. Themes that could be explored through this song include: 

Nature & Nurture

Good & Bad

Free will

Gender roles

God & Religion

“Isms” ie. racism, sexism, ageism, capitalism, etc


Guide: Note the slant rhyme scheme (scream/beat/mistreat). In order to fit into the song, verses should have roughly the same number of syllables as the verse above, and the last line conclude, “what else?”. 

Comment here, message Maggie Cocco’s Science for Sociopaths on social media, or email 

Deadline to Submit for the premiere: October 12th.

Lyrics for each performance and recording will be shared here at Maggie Cocco Music on Patreon. Non patrons, consider becoming a Patron today to support and stay up to date with this project! 

Disclaimer: By submitting your lyrics for consideration, participants grant Maggie Cocco Music permission to use the lyric in live and recorded performance and agree not to pursue payment or royalties for use of lyric in any context. 

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SPONSOR NEEDED: Joey has been a Maggie Cocco Music student for 4 years! Joey has been curating two community talent shows each year for the past five years in his home town of Burlingame, California. Even the mayor attends! Joey and his cohorts are differently abled and have access to limited funds for mentorship. Joey will be starting University this year, and expects that this December’s will be his last production. As such, he hopes to finish big! Joey is seeking extra tuition for help fine tuning the production and assistance writing his own song for the finale. Subsidizing Tony costs $15/week.

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