2019 In Review

If 2020 tops 2019, It’ll be beyond my wildest dreams, because 2019 was dead on the mark.

In 2019 I…

Released 12 original songs and 6 covers

Moved to California

Went on my second international tour

Met and worked with a hundred talented musicians new to me (that’s probably not an exaggeration)

Developed healthy relationships and boundaries for unhealthy ones

Trusted myself more

Worked smarter, not harder

Rebuilt my life to reflect my values and what brings me joy

I am beyond grateful for the direction my life is taking (and this project as a reflection of it!), and thankful for everyone in it. Especially for my support system. Whether I know you personally or through my music, you’re the reason I smile. Thank you ❤

Stay with me in 2020 by listening on spotify! https://open.spotify.com/artist/3FbeyM6n18vHSgpxIGDaoT

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